Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Vision – To achieve growth and performance while minimizing social and environment impacts and maximizing benefits to our host communities. To that end, SRG Graphite is committed to follow international best practice and principles on Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility to conduct its exploration and development activities.

Community Engagement – Our ability to build upon successes and bounce back from hardship is intrinsically linked with the support we have from our employees and host communities. Our community liaison officers have worked hard since the very beginning (2012) to inform and conduct meaningful engagement. We are dedicated to working in partnership to ensure mutually beneficial project growth that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

As the Lola Graphite project continues its development and gets closer to construction, we strive to make Local Procurement the cornerstone of our community engagement initiatives.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) – We started the ESIA process in 2017 and delivered the final report to the Bureau Guinéen d’Etudes et d’Evaluation Environnementale (BGEEE) for final review during Q1 2019. The IFC’s Performance Standards as well as the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies were strictly applied to the process as together they provide the most stringent regulation available for impact assessment. SRG is proud to announce that we obtained the Certificate of Environmental Conformity in March 2019 from the Ministry of Environment for it’s Lola Graphite Project. The ESIA report is available on our website and in hard copies in Guinea (in our Conakry office and our community liaison office in Lola).

Disclosure and Reporting